Consciousness and the Design System based on Human Charts

Consciousness is a word which we hear quite often and its significance appears to be whatever the user decides it is. Never mind the dictionary definition; there are a lot of spiritual, psychological, spiritual and sociological meanings. Virtually everyone who uses the word winds up having to inform you, the reader, what it means.

Describe the ability that we, as people, have to concentrate our attention on our behaviours in the present moment. This focus has a certain function. It provides just enough energy to interrupt the behaviour for a brief flicker of time so that we have the very real potential to alter the behaviour.

Human Design Chart


 It is true that a large part of our behaviours are just habitual. This is one Thing that almost everyone in each the self development programs agree on. Some of those habitual behaviours are hard wired – that is they are encoded in our personal DNA. A number of them are learned. Some people today wish to become one with the world, for example. Or have some exotic encounter, or attain bliss.

Self Growth

Everyone interested in self change, in personal transformation, in personal empowerment and in living within the ongoing process of self improvement. I am interested in actualizing my fullest potential. Not everybody is interested in this but I understand that lots of individuals are. Using consciousness to continue this procedure is crucial.

Actual change does not result only from thinking, analyzing or from knowledge. It usually originates there, but to really change you absolutely must do otherwise. Now this may be relatively simple in that you can alter what time you go to bed or get up or eat dinner, but that has little to do with real self transformation.

Self Development, self transformation, personal growth, self awareness all Refer to a continuous process to get chart human design where you are always discovering yourself and reorganizing yourself for optimum benefit. Self growth is not really something that is oriented toward achieving one goal like money, or a partner, or a much better job. These things may well result from self growth along the way, but it is the way that is self development. And observing how empowers us.


We often think that since we know what we believe, we understand ourselves. Or we believe that being conscious of our Feelings means we understand ourselves. Yes, in that understanding what you Think or feel provides some clues as to who you are, but no in that you are not what you feel or think. Those are only facets of you.